Jeffrey Post-Holmberg LPC


503-222-1168jeffrey@tworiverscounseling.comMaleAt Two Rivers Counseling, I offer a professional therapeutic approach for four different clientele: 1) couples in grief and loss 2) families experiencing difficulties 3) individuals suffering from traumatic experiences 4) men of all ages making tough life decisions As we sit in the nurturing environment of the therapy room or walk together along the tree-lined trails of Forest Park, we collaborate to identify the change you hope to make in your life. My approach to therapeutic change emphasizes the interconnections and secure attachments between people, the stories that we create for ourselves, and the mending of dysfunctional thought patterns. Grief and loss take on many forms. For some couples, they grieve the terminal illness or death of a child...for others, the longing to have a child, and the frustration of not being able to conceive. Some partners grieve the loss of a meaningful and trusting bond with their partner. I work with the Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy (EFCT) model to identify patterns of interaction, and sometimes emotional trauma, that have lead to insecure attachments between partners. I help them to identify and put into place, positive patterns of interaction that encourage each to turn toward each other, feeling safe, desired, and loved.