Marla Pallin

Additional Training with EFT Supervision completed

503-445-0905marla@marlapallintherapy.comFemaleIt is likely that if you’re here now, you are in some kind of distress. It sometimes takes a lot to acknowledge that it’s an important time to work to improve your quality of life or your relationships. In our busy day to day lives, sometimes it’s hard to know where to focus or what to do to start feeling better. In intimate relationships this gets infinitely more complex because of the ways we perceive and interpret each other and how, or if we express our needs. It is so common to get caught up in painful negative patterns of interaction that seem impossible to rise above. The model I work in, Emotionally Focused Therapy, helps us to identify negative patterns and understand what fuels them. Once we acknowledge what is behind painful patterns of interaction, we are able to slow down and begin to replace them with new ways of interacting. I really value the strength of intimate relationships and I enjoy collaborating with couples to unravel the knots that have developed that block them from bringing out the best in each other. I enjoy working anywhere on the spectrum of relationship configuration, sexual orientation and gender identity. I also work with families considering or pursuing divorce to make this process as amicable as possible, and to help establish positive co-parenting relationships.